MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA

MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA 5.30

Practice for the CCNA exam in a complex virtual simulation

Simulate a lab environment with a complicated network of Cisco switches and routers so that you can practice for your CCNA certification without bringing down any actual networks or equipment. Manage and interact with the virtual routers or switches exactly as you would with a regular device.

MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA creates a real world lab environment with a
network of Cisco Routers and Switches to train for the CCNA certification.
MIMIC Virtual Lab is for beginners interested in familiarizing themselves
with the complex environment and for intermediate or expert users looking
to sharpen their skills and move to a higher level. It provides a safe
environment to practice. You don't have to worry about bringing down
the equipment/network and affecting other users.
MIMIC gives Network Engineers the ability to practice for CCNA and other
certifications instead of just reading instructions. It enables Training
organizations to supply a Virtual lab to students with the classroom
training or e-learning courses. Students can interact with Routers and
Switches, just like with real devices.

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